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Including Pets in Home Remodeling Design

Pets can be an important member of a family, and may live at home longer than a child does, so space planning their needs at all stages of their life should be included in Home Remodeling Design. Dogs are known for their unconditional love, cats’ purring relaxes and promotes healing, and birds can be fun and lift the spirits with their songs.  With everyone having their needed space, it facilitates harmony.

home cat and fireplace

Take into consideration how your pet uses the indoor environment and how the weather affects their routines. How will they exercise?  Will they have use of a pet door to go in and out? Will they need a place to be rinsed off to not track mud and dirt in the house? Is there a litter box? Is a grooming table at a comfortable height desired? Where do you want to store kennels or cages?


Where will they sleep? What is the size of their bed? Do they need the ability to visually see the yard at night so they can fulfill their need to guard their family? Does there need to be temporary or permanent barriers? Security cameras to check in on them during the day?


What are their eating habits and how are their meals prepared?  Is there water, cooking, refrigeration involved?  Is their food left out, or just served at certain times? Where do you want their water station so it is not a trip hazard, and is their a need to contain splashing? How is their food packaged (cans, bulk) and stored, and how do you want to retrieve it? What other supplements, treats, medicines, grooming products are there?


As wonderful as they can be, some people have or develop sensitivity to pets, and product selections and design can help to minimize allergic reactions, which may come from guests as well. Many people think hard surface flooring is the best choice, and it may be for ease of cleaning and seeing the need to clean, but it may not be the best choice to minimize airborne allergens. As one walks, or when a forced air heating or cooling system operates, skin flakes can be stirred up into the air. Carpet may be a better solution to trap dander and hair and be removed by vacuuming with HEPA filtration. Whole house air purification system with effective filtration is helpful as well.


Happy Home Remodeling!

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