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Add These Six Home Remodeling Details to Increase Value

When doing home remodeling, most do it to update their home to have a better flow and function to facilitate their lifestyle, but it is also smart to keep in mind what will attract the home buyers in the future. It may be a seller’s market right now, but no matter, if you have what home buyers are wanting, you can command a higher price and sell faster. These ideas are derived from the most recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey and reported it in, What Home Buyers Really Want.

  • Energy efficient windows. Would-be buyers want to limit utility bills. There is a 25-30% heat gain or loss through single pane windows. Energy Star qualified windows have a vacuum-sealed pane filled with inert gas to improve insulation efficiency. Ceiling fans are also highly desired to help one feel cool.
  • Outdoor Living Space. Extending living and entertaining to the outdoors is like a low-cost home remodeling addition giving a greater use of an area that is underutilized. Having an outdoor kitchen is also very popular.
  • Storage. The more you offer a smart functioning storage throughout the house, the happier people will be. Buyers want a well-designed kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a master bedroom walk-in closet, maxed out storage in the laundry room, and a well-organized garage storage system.
  • Eat-in Kitchen. Since most congregate in the kitchen, an island with seating is a great place to gather. Buyers are moving away from having a totally open concept, to having some separation from the kitchen for those engaged in other activities in the home while someone is working in the kitchen.
  • Dining Room. Along with wanting a less open floor plan, is a return of distinct dining area separate from the kitchen. It is even being ranked as a top ten essential by home buyers according to NAHB. There is a sense of a meal being special and important by gathering at the table. The space can be defined by a rug and over the table lighting.
  • Hardwood flooring. Hardwood is popular and much easier on the joints than tile. It lasts longer, for it can be refinished. If their cost doesn’t make sense to your budget, rather than going with engineered wood which has a hardwood veneer, you may want to consider luxury vinyl flooring. It looks like wood but is more durable and waterproof. Having continuous flooring helps with the flow of the house, it will make it seem larger and more cohesive.

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