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Decluttering Made Easy!

There is a surge of energy at the start of a New Year for a fresh start for a healthier lifestyle. Decluttering can be an easy way to see progress and enjoy results. The accumulation of things on flat surfaces and piles to get to whether they are seen, or stuffed away is a stress. It is a way of being stuck. Attending to needs and getting things done can generate a positive momentum to do more, and saves time being able to efficiently find what you need. A win-win!

Need some extra motivation to get started? What would for everything to have a place, and your home looked magazine photo ready be like for you? Begin with that end in mind. Would you invite people over, entertain more, initiate a prayer group? Maybe you would relax more and be able to start projects you’ve been wanting to do! Perhaps think of being a part of paying it forward, helping others in need as you donate to organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul. Having an exit plan will expedite enjoying the fruits of your labor by getting it out of the house rather than having a new pile.

Some say ask, does it bring you joy? What about asking, is this serving a purpose? If you haven’t needed or used it for a year, it is crowding space. Let go of the scarcity mindset of, “I might need this someday.” Rather, think of passing it along to someone who needs it now. If you still have difficulty letting go of something, designate a box for those unsure items, and date the collection.  If you don’t miss it, didn’t need it, after six months to a year, give it away.

Make it a manageable project. You have accumulated over time, segment the project so you can have a series of accomplishments. You can start small, like the kitchen drawer with food containers, tossing all those with missing lids, or leftover lids. Tell yourself, good job, and decide if you want to do more, and what is next. Some people set a timer to help them stay focused on the task of purging, with the goal get it done in multiple timed passes. If there is an area that is difficult for you, e.g. clothing, enlist a buddy who has no emotional attachment to help you stay logical about not needing excess and offer to do the same for them.

Often people say who are getting their home ready to sell, and they have done needed remodeling and decluttering to make the space open and beautiful, “I don’t want to move now!” Get your home ready to be its best now for you to enjoy and make memories with friends and family.


So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come.
2 Corinthians 5:17


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