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Luxurious Universal Design Elements To Include When Remodeling

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Just as smart Moms hide vegetables in all sorts of clever ways so they go unnoticed, it is possible to do the same for the elements of Universal Design. There has been a great increase in attractive and innovative building materials and products to facilitate accommodating the needs of aging-in-place without looking institutional. Many of these items provide an experience of a luxurious upgrade that no home should be without.

What are some of the luxurious Universal Design must haves when doing bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling?

In the Master Bathroom

A strong bathroom remodeling trend is to eliminate the tub shower combination for a no threshold, no door, walk-in shower.  Specify the faucet handles to be before you enter the shower area so the water temperature is right when you walk into the spray. Include a hand held shower option with a bench. Strategically place decorative grab bars and niches for use if standing or sitting and a Tornado Body Dryer for a warm, drying off experience that will take some excess moisture out of the air.

Have a comfort height toilet with a bidet seat (which can be after market), with decorative grab bars. Have in-floor heating that is on a timer, so the bathroom is warm and ready for your use. Include ample lighting.

In the Kitchen

When doing the design for a kitchen remodeling project, one of the most used appliances is the dishwasher- have it raised to be easier on the back. Include roll out shelves in the bottom cabinets. Plan to have a wall oven with a nearby landing spot to transfer items. A larger, more open kitchen with a walk-in pantry is very popular!

Happy Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling Scottsdale Arizona using Universal Design!

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