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Our Mistrust of Dishwashers

08/14/14 5:06 PM
kitchen remodeling phoenix az

kitchen remodeling phoenix az

Often the impetus for kitchen remodeling starts with the desire for innovative and efficient appliances, but do people trust dishwashers to do their job?

Do you find yourself rinsing dishes before putting them into the dishwasher? My husband is so compelled to do so, he says why bother with the dishwasher since he is wiping them clean anyway.

How many feel the same way?


Electrolux tasked their consumer research department to find out about how people feel about dishwashers. They found that 83% of dishwasher owners don’t believe their dishwasher cleans effectively. They also found that 57% believe the wash cycle takes too long. And everyone seems to report that the majority of people do habitually pre-rinse dishes, which wastes an average of 6000 gallons of water per household per year.

Could hand washing be more “green?” According to the University of Bonn in Germany, a dishwasher uses 1/6th of the water, half of the energy, less soap, and the dishes are cleaner than when hand washed. You would need to frugally wash and rinse each place setting with a cup of water to try to beat the efficiency of a modern dishwasher. If you are putting very messy dishes in the dishwasher and it isn’t full, you can run a quick rinse cycle—that will also use less water than trying to rinse by hand.

If your dishwasher takes too long, is too loud, or not efficiently designed, or doesn’t clean well, perhaps it is time for a kitchen remodeling project! Electrolux responded to the market needs it found by creating a Stainless Steel Dishwasher with IQ-Touch Controls with a fast wash cycle that provides a professional clean and dries in 30 minutes. This new product, was highlighted at the 2014 National Kitchen and Bath Show.

By the way,

You’ve seen advertisements for Cascade, is there a more environmentally friendly product that works as well? The High Performance Wave Gel Auto Dishwasher Detergent is formaldehyde/caustic/chlorine/phosphate-free, is plant-based with a neutral pH, and is 100% biodegradable. Earth Friendly’s line has won awards, including, Natural Home Magazine’s “Readers Choice Award” for Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product.

Happy kitchen remodeling!

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