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Outdoor Remodeling for that Resort Experience

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Homeowners today want a resort experience at home, and more are doing outdoor remodeling phoenix projects to achieve that. According to the 2017 U. S. Houzz Landscape Trends Study, in seasonable weather homeowners spend an average of 7 hours a week enjoying the outdoors at the convenience of home. If all you are doing in your yard is maintenance, it is time for outdoor remodeling to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Having an outdoor kitchen, dining, and living room can appreciably increase the utilization of your property without the cost of an addition. The majority of homeowners want a structure to protect the outdoor room from the elements, and designed to create a microclimate oasis.  Ceiling fans and misters can make a space feel cooler, a fireplace, ceiling heaters and in-floor heating can make it feel warmer, and roll up screens and outdoor curtains can be used for both purposes.

Smart outdoor remodeling design should marry both the material look of the interior of the home and merge to natural elements. Seamless design can be achieved with upgrades such as a moveable exterior glass wall, tile or stone flooring, area rugs, and outdoor furnishings that look as inviting as your family room furniture. Good lighti

ng is key to making a place desirable place to relax. Do you want to use it for intimate conversation? For dining? For watching sports? Such touches as a dimmable lighting and rope lights say, Party, fun, intrigue!

The outdoor kitchen typically is the focal point, and are looking more and more like their indoor counterpart. Cabinets can look like wood, but are made of stainless steel you can continue your kitchen’s design style with your outdoor remodeling project. Some people prefer an option such as the Evo cooktop for more social cooking, and versatility and efficiency (you can cook a whole meal and can simultaneously sauté, caramelize, grill, roast, toast, bake, steam) rather than a traditional grill. Considering outdoor kitchens are also used for meal preparation to keep the inside kitchen cool, include the appliances to facilitate your style of cooking. Choices vary from flat grills, side burners and searing station, wok, and even pizza oven. Remember the serving convenience of having a built-in food warmer and steamer, or a warming cabinet.  A sink can double as an open ice chest holding beverages. Depending on the location, you may need cooking ventilation, and plan for trash disposal.

Outdoor remodeling can be like adding another kitchen, living room and entertainment center. We spend too much time indoors, and as my father used to say, food tastes better outdoors!

Happy Outdoor Remodeling!

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