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Six Benefits from Energy Efficient Windows

07/23/14 9:53 PM

energy efficient windowsWhen temperatures are extreme, we don’t want our air conditioner or furnace working overtime! If you can feel the heat or cold radiating from the outside in through your window, that’s evidence they are not effective at insulating. What are some other signs that its time for the home improvement project of  replacing your old set for new energy efficient windows?

Do you have single pane windows? Are the windows 10-15 years old? Are there signs of moisture on or between the glass panes or water damage around the window?  Do you see any visible cracks? Are the frames chipped, pitted, or have corrosion? Do you hear through the windows the noise of street traffic or barking dogs? Or worse, the sounds of a late night party, or lawn equipment at the crack of dawn while you’re trying to sleep?

If it is time for the home improvement project of window replacement, here are six benefits you can enjoy by installing energy efficient windows. Better windows can:

  1.  lower your utility costs to maintain the desired indoor temperature.
  2. protect furniture and carpeting from sun damage and extend the life of your heating & air conditioning unit.
  3. make your home more sound proof, for more peace and quiet (which helps for sleeping).
  4. improve safety and security, discouraging the intrusion of burglars and bugs.
  5. provide greater ease of cleaning and operation for ventilation.
  6.  improve the value of your home while raising its curb appeal. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value 2014 Report, up to 75% of the cost can be recouped when selling the home.

Remember to hire a home improvement professional to install them to make sure the added value of your windows isn’t lost by poor fit and seal.

Happy Home Remodeling!


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