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Six Popular Bathroom Design Features

bathroom remodeling phoenix

Professional Builder Magazine conducted a design innovation survey of what is the top preferences in bathroom design that will be used the most in the homes

bathroom remodeling phoenix

bathroom remodeling phoenix

built over the next two years. Fancy upgrades such as fog-resistant mirrors, towel warmers, and bidets were at the bottom of the list. Also falling in popularity is the inclusion of multiple showerheads.


The jury seems to be out on whether to keep a tub in the master bathroom along with a walk in shower. Most say the decision to include the tub in the master bathroom has to do with space availability. It seems as long as there is a bathtub in the home, it is okay to not have another taking up space in the master bathroom.


Those surveyed were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being very important to home buyers. Secondary bath and shower had held the #2 spot in the 2013 survey, and now has dropped to fourth place.  Here are the top six rated design elements:


4.36  dual vanities

3.60  additional storage

3.07  universal design features

3.00  secondary bath and shower

2.94  curbless/doorless walk in shower

2.80 dressing area


When doing master bathroom remodeling, replace shower/tub combinations with a walk in shower, and if there is room, add a tub to keep both options. Other popular items reported by the survey respondents included water saving fixtures, decorative tiles, and granite or quartz vanity top.


Happy Bathroom Remodeling!


doorless walk in shower

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