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Plan for More Outdoor Living

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More people are staying home and travelling less, making it a great time for home remodeling to create an oasis in the back yard!  We are the envy of our northern neighbors for our extended beautiful weather, and with strategic design you can open up new possibilities on how you work, play, relax, or entertain. You can have an outdoor gourmet kitchen, double your living room, add a dining room, or have that personalized reading nook. Just dream big and think of what additional purposes you would like to have outdoors. Here are some ideas to create more enjoyment.

Outdoor living: Considering the living or great room that you have indoors, would you like to make this an expansion of more of the same style with a moving/folding glass wall system to merge the inside with the outside?  Or would you want a unique purpose, such as a tv-less intimate gathering spot with a focal point of a fire? Or a place for sports watching? A cozy nook to unwind and read or rest in nature? Along with comfortable furniture with a rug to define the space, you may want a ceiling fan for comfort.

Outdoor Kitchen: There are more choices than just a barbecue grill. What kind of cooking would you like to do? From a pizza oven to flat top griddle (which each have versatility), choose the appliances you will want and use. Do you want a sink with running water? Fill it with ice and it can be a handy beverage cooler.  How much counter space will you want for serving? Its nice to cook outside when it is hot to keep the inside cooler too!

Outdoor dining: People gather to share a meal, and that’s how memories are made. Most people are comfortable with outdoor dining. Do you want a buffet table for warming dishes, plates? Consider lighting to set the atmosphere. Outdoor curtains can define a space and help to block heat or retain it.

Outdoor Activities:  Facilitating exercise is always a good thing. A swimming pool is a great way to be active in the heat of the summer. Do you have a favorite lawn or tabletop game? Consider storage needs to tuck equipment away. Maybe you enjoy dancing for exercise, include a good sound system. Maybe you dream of becoming a master gardener of food and flowers.

Imagine transforming underutilized areas in your yard into a resort that encourages outdoor living and entertaining. It is healthier to be breathing the air outdoors and connecting with nature is relaxing!

Happy outdoor home remodeling!

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