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Top Three Reasons for Home Remodeling by Project Type

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In June 2016, Houzz published the results of a national survey asking over 100,000 homeowners what were their top reasons for doing a home remodeling project. These projects included kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, laundry room remodeling, other room remodeling, and closet remodeling.

The primary driver for their home remodeling was due to an outdated design. Some examples of an outdated design could be the elimination of the formal dining room to expand the kitchen, or eliminating a tub shower combination in the master bathroom for a walk in shower. The second most popular reason for doing a home remodeling project given because of outdated finishes, such as the wrong color/stain on cabinets, or wanting a new tile shower walls. The third reason for customizing their home varied by project type.

Bathroom Remodeling
The largest majority of those wanting an updated design in their home was for master bathroom remodeling (57%). Fifty one percent reported that their top reason they were motivated to remodel was to update the finishes in the bathroom. The third most reported reason for the master bathroom was because the shower in the was too small, as well as there were flooring issues. The master bathroom remodeling scope included a personal care system upgrade by 41%, 30% had a layout change, and 13% of homeowners increased the size of their master bathroom. The average size for their master bathroom is 155 square feet.
Kitchen Remodeling
For those who did a kitchen remodeling project, 49% said it was because of the outdated design, and 46% said their top reason was due to the outdated finishes. The top third reason for kitchen remodeling was to replace inadequate appliances. Seventy percent of the kitchen remodeling projects included replacing their countertops, appliances and faucets. Thirty seven percent did a layout change, and 17% increased the size of their kitchen. The average modern day kitchen size is 244 square feet.
Laundry Room Remodeling
The top three reasons for doing a laundry room remodeling project were close. Thirty five percent said it was because of the lack of storage, 30% said it was the outdated design, and 28% reported it was the outdated finishes that were the impetus. The scope of work included changing the layout for 31% of the projects, and 29% upgraded the laundry care systems. The laundry room is the most likely room to be relocated in the house, with 10% of homeowners in the survey reporting doing so. The average size of the laundry room is 130 square feet.

Home Remodeling
This category encompassed remodeling of either the family room, master bedroom, home office, dining room or foyer. The top reason reported to remodel for 42-49% of homeowners was due to the room’s outdated design. The next most reported top reason by 31-44% was because of the outdated finishes. The third most popular top reason for 24-30% of the homeowners, is having issues with the flooring. For the overall project, up to 42% had a layout change. The average size of these rooms are 250 square feet.

Closet Remodeling
The top reason homeowners remodeled their closet (45%) was because of the wall color and texture was undesirable Thirty nine percent wanted built in cabinetry, and 36% wanted better lighting.. The average size of a closet is 95 square feet.
Happy Home Remodeling!

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