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Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

11/25/14 4:43 AM

Each year the largest social media site for home remodeling and construction, Houzz, conducts a national survey on what is trending with homeowners. Houzz facilitates the gathering of photos of projects that can be copied to an individual’s ideabook, to help define what one wants their home to look like for their kitchen remodeling Phoenix. It looks like more people are planning to spend their remodeling budget this coming year. Here are the highlights of 3500 respondents.

The majority of those polled 82% said they are opting for a new kitchen or a major home remodel this year–41% said their last kitchen update was over 15 years ago. The pent up desires motivating people to remodel now include:

37% have wanted to do it all along, and have the means to do so now
29% can’t stand their old kitchen
28% recently bought a home and want to make it their own

Making the kitchen compatible with the family’s lifestyle is important in the design results. The most common goal, reported by 65%, is STORAGE! They want it easy to store and find things, with 62% wanting pull out shelves, 50% wanting a kitchen island, and 44% wanting a built in pantry. Almost half said what was important to them was for their kitchen to be easy to entertain in, being open to other rooms. Two elements were reported as important in a “new” kitchen by 37% of the people: a kitchen that is easy for the entire family to be in, and one that is easy to clean and disinfect.

Eighty percent homeowners reported that they will hire a professional for their remodeling project. Most want either a traditional or transitional design. They want a professional to help them get these results for their kitchen remodel:

59% want it to be stylish and beautiful
55% want it to be integrated with the rest of the house
37% want it to reflect who they are—including a backsplash that makes a statement
34% want it to be full of natural light

The top selections trending for kitchen remodeling are: quality steel appliances and double bowl sink, quality white shaker style cabinets, granite countertops—with quartz running a close second choice. A bit of trivia: 6% included custom built in pet bowl station. The great thing about Houzz is you can search for photos of the elements you want to get ideas of how you want your home and your kitchen remodeling Phoenix project to look.

When reporting on last year’s actual remodeling budgets, they found 24% chose to pay more than what their original budget. In 2014, 51% had a goal to spend less than $25,000, but only 40% did. 61% of homeowners spent over $25,000, with 35% of them spending over $75,000 to get the kitchen of their dreams.


Happy Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!

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