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What is Trending Now? Having your own Garden!

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Being food secure is primary for our health and well-being. With stores having a limited supply of produce and having food shortages, the number of people deciding to have their own garden has risen tremendously in the last month, more so now than in any other previous crises. The annual National Gardening Survey has found that 77% of American households are now gardening. They reported that largest age group of gardeners has typically been 55+ years of age comprising of 35% of gardeners, but there is a trend of more of younger people aged 18-34 starting up gardening (29%). Johnny’s Selected Seeds has had such a widespread demand with the increase in gardeners that they have run out of packed seed. They stopped taking new orders until the end of April!

Growing your own food is literally a creative hobby that many find fulfilling (double meaning intended!). It is a way to generate new life-giving life, can be a way to spend more time outdoors and lessen stress. However, there are some of us who find themselves too busy to add gardening and who are intimidated by all that is entailed with traditional gardening: amending the soil, setting up and monitoring irrigation, and the physical demands of planting and weeding, even in a raised bed. Others do not have the yard space or a sunny spot to dedicate. Others want a garden indoors to avoid inclement weather, to add plants that absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to improve indoor air quality to be better than the outdoors! There is a solution that makes it simple, and can make a novice look as prolific as a master gardener! Growing vertically with an aeroponic system! It is also more eco-friendly, since it only needs 10% of the water.

The aeroponic system depicted here had sold more units in March than were sold in all of 2019! The advantages are:
🌱 No dirt, no weeding!
🌱 Saves 90% water
🌱 Uses 10% of the space
🌱 No more throwing out food you bought but didn’t eat in time
🌱 Less trips to the grocery store
🌱 You control what’s on YOUR FOOD!! No chemicals or contaminants
🌱 Superior nutrient density
🌱 Grows faster and larger than soil grown
🌱 Fresh tastes best!

If you spend $12 a week in buying produce and frozen veggies at the store, you can pay for your own vertical garden (made with food grade plastic) that will last 25 years or more just steps from your kitchen (unless you have one in the corner of your kitchen, they take up as much space as a kitchen chair). For a limited time I have a 25% discount on seedlings for a jump start on harvesting. All delivered to your door! For more information, send an email.

God also said: See, I give you every seed-bearing plant on all the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it to be your food… Genesis 1:29

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