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Do You Have A She Shed?

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SHESHED_flikrMen have their man cave to escape the bustle of the family. It can be a sports memorabilia entertainment den, an outdoor kitchen, or a decked out garage. Typically Mom’s who wanted a space to retreat only had their master bathroom for privacy. Mothers make so many sacrifices of themselves for everyone else, its time to give her own space to recharge, a “She Shed.”


A “she shed” can give you a kind of design style you’ve always wanted. Would you like the style of Victorian, Country, or perhaps a beach house, or something exotic like palace? Perhaps it will be a place to get in touch with your feminine side, or creative self. Maybe it will help facilitate that which is missing in your life, like rest, or reading, crafts, or a place for an intimate tea. Would you like it showcases your ability to furnish and decorate using only antiques, or replicating an era or a place of memories like a diner or a dressing room of a theater?


Ask yourself, is there something you’ve always wanted that is missing from your home that you can include in your She Shed? Perhaps the most comfortable window seat to curl up with a book. Maybe you want to have a hammock not exposed to the elements. How about the ability to be bug free and lay looking at the stars at night? Maybe you’re a romantic and want the walls covered with lace. Or you’re an outdoor enthusiast and want it to look like a log cabin!  Maybe you love birds and you will fill the place with that theme.


What about function. Do you want a hobby space, a place for long term projects that will be undisturbed in your She Shed? Will it be a place for creating art, or encouraging writing? Maybe you want to take up a new hobby, like photography, making stained glass windows, or being crafty like Martha Stewart. Are you a garden enthusiast and want a place to dry herbs? Maybe you want to create a place for an intimate conversations over tea. Or maybe what is missing is a place without distractions so you can read, or have quiet time to think and pray.


There are so many possibilities unique to each woman.  The She Shed should definitely be a reflection of you!


Happy Home Remodeling!


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