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Outdoor Kitchen Design and Innovations

More people are  wanting to facilitate outdoor living via smart outdoor kitchen design to add upgrade their experience of both entertaining for a crowd, and creating a desired lifestyle for the homeowners. People prefer cooking out, to eating out, and want a self-sufficient space. Wanting to be outdoors will never go out of style, and even for those times that the weather may be too hot, it can be a perfect solution to have a place to rapidly cook food to avoid heating up the kitchen. As my father would say, food tastes better eaten outdoors!


Pizza ovens have become more efficient and affordable. They have better designed units that take less time to heat up. An oven can preheat in 15 minutes and a pizza can be fully cooked in 3 minutes!  You can do more than just cook a pizza. You can bake breads, flash cook seafood, and slow cook slabs of meat. It has a sort of medieval feel to it, cooking with fire.


You can now take your kitchen station, with the amenities of a sink, refrigerator, grill, cooktop, pizza oven, and warming drawer, with granite countertop and have the option of having the look of wood grain in stainless steel cabinetry! Beautiful! There are also dishwashers that are built to weather the outdoors.


Avoid these common outdoor kitchen design mistakes:

  • Have plenty of prep space, serving space, especially if you plan on having a make your own pizza party
  • Have plenty of lighting and task lighting
  • Locate the prep space and cooking space out of the line of traffic
  • Consider that you may want to use your sink to fill it with ice and store bottled beverages, so you may want a double sink or a deep sink.
  • Have storage place for trash and recyclables


The size of your outdoor kitchen will be determined by the number of appliances. Keep it easy to maintain. A well designed outdoor kitchen will be a magnet for friends and fun, and help when it is time to sale your home.


Happy Outdoor Kitchen remodeling!

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