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Does Your Home Environment Create Tension, or Bliss?

TRG Architects bathroomWhen going to visit others, have you noticed that sometimes you feel so relaxed and at home in the surroundings, and at other places you feel awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place?  Its all about connections.

The sense of a space generally comes in through the eyes and connects to memories and generates a feeling. If you have Phoenix home remodeling or Scottsdale remodeling project that you are preparing for, and have browsed through photos of kitchen remodeling on Pinterest, for example, you can appreciate there are many ways to design a kitchen that reflect the homeowner.  Some may evoke the feeling of the comfort of home, and others seem so foreign you can’t imagine having to live there.

Most of us buy a home that is generic in its elements for mass appeal that is as a builder constructed, rather than after Phoenix home remodeling or Scottsdale remodeling has been done. We may “settle” and adapt and fit into what we have, and forget or lose the sense of what we wanted. Even though we have come to accept our surroundings, there could be the tension from it not being how we want it to be.

You can be proactive and help facilitate the kind of experience you want at your home by good remodeling design. Do you want to take a moment to start to connect to the dream within? Get a piece of paper, and divide it into six sections. Write the six most important spaces in your home for you in each section. Important to you because it is your favorite, or most used, or a space that is not how you want it to be. It could even be the entryway because you find joy in welcoming others. It also could include a space you don’t yet have, but want.

  • Close your eyes and imagine what you want to experience in each room in turn. Make notes of elements that you want, e.g., you always wanted a white marble countertop, or a wood paneled ceiling. Take the time to ask yourself, what words would describe what the experience you want to have in the ideal room?  Develop a thorough description list of what want to experience there, such as finding it: comforting, renewing, intimate, spacious, calming, exhilarating, energizing, playful, studious, quiet, boisterous, are some possibilities.
  • Next, start with a fresh sheet of paper with the same sections and rooms. Set aside the memories created there, and look at each space as if you were seeing it for the first time.  Write down the feelings the rooms generate, again, be thorough, e.g. tired, cluttered, mundane…. When you are done with your assessment, compare the lists. Is there a disconnect of what you want and what you have? Are you trying to fit into your home? Or does your home fit you and reflect your personal style?

If you find that you have created a home that creates the experience that makes it your home, perhaps you want to add more character. What gives a space character is the textures, the materials, and finishing details. Use of stone, brick, tile, glass, granite, and wood, add interest and harmony. People love the elements of nature in their environment.

Your sense of space comes from what you feel, not just what you see. An experienced Phoenix home remodeling or Scottsdale remodeling professional can assist you in enriching your daily living experience in your home. They can help you with your selections of textures, the materials, and finishing details that makes a home where you love to be.

When you find that you connect with a remodeler who is all about developing what you want in your budget, don’t hesitate to partner that design-build firm to make your house the home of your dreams.  Life is too short!

Happy Home Remodeling!


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