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Four Luxuriously Warming Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Its tough to get out of a nice warm bed in the morning, especially with the thought of going into a cold bathroom!  It can be tough too to turn off a hot shower too if the room is not warm, and water is too precious to waste. What bathroom remodeling elements can make the room more inviting, warm and cozy?


  1. In-Floor Heating Rather than having to heat the whole house just to warm the bathroom for a shower, an electrical mat can be laid underneath the tile or vinyl flooring tied to a programmable thermostat so your bathroom is warm before you enter.  This is a smart way to eliminate the need for bathroom mats, which are a tripping hazard. You can even have the electrical mat underneath a granite countertop so it is not cold to the touch. Warm air rises, and at that level, it will help experience the sensation of warmth.


  1. Warming Drawer You can place your towel in a warming drawer (or robe) and it will be warmed throughout. It works much more effectively than a warming towel rack. Keep the towel loose, and the temperature on low. Use the drawer’s timer so if the towel was not retrieved, it does not scorch.


  1. Tornado Body Dryer What if you decide to take a shower, and the bathroom isn’t very warm? It takes time for in-floor heating to warm up a room, but a Tornado Body Dryer ( warms the air right away, and is less expensive to run than turning up the heat and warming the whole house. One can go right from the warmth of the shower’s warm water, to the warmth of the gentle air to dry off.


  1. Bidet Toilet Seat Bidet seats are made that can be attached to toilets, and have controls to have a warm seat, and provide a warm rinse and dry. This website ( has a video that showcases different options you may want to consider when selecting a bidet toilet seat.


Planning to add these elements when doing bathroom remodeling will do much to provide the feeling of being warm and pampered in your bathroom. Providing a spa like experience in your own home will never go out of style!


Happy Bathroom Remodeling!


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