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Start Now for a New Kitchen or Bath in 2019!

The current remodeling boom is a reflection of a good economy, and that is good news.  With high demand though, it can take longer to get to the stage of enjoying the finished product.  There may be a staff shortage, it could take longer to receive materials that need to be ordered, and with more projects to put in the construction schedule, you may want to get started sooner, than later!


Step One:  Determine your style. It is easy to collect online photos by using Houzz, Pinterest ( here is a good source , or HGTV to name some top ones. It will help you have a customized home that reflects you, and to be able to communicate what you want to your designer.


Step Two: Determine your budget. Do you want to finance any of it? Plan on 5% of the budget for unknowns (rerouting utility, wood rot or termite damage, etc.). Communicate your budget to your designer so they can make sure you stay on or under budget when designing and making selections.


Step Three:  Determine your must haves for your project. What stands out now as what you don’t like that you want changed. What doesn’t work with your lifestyle of the day to day and for socializing, for holiday entertaining. What are the things that are important to you that you always wanted for your home?


Step Four:  Choose a design-build remodeler who provides design and selection assistance. The company should have a long standing reputation of customer service and professionalism. Do you connect with the person who will be designing your project? Do they offer ideas from their experience? Check some recent references and choose who you want to partner with.


Step Five: Plan for construction disruption. It is tough to contain dust, especially if the air conditioning or heat comes on. Cover furniture, bedding with sheets which are easy to wash. If your kitchen is the project, plan ahead with crockpot/Instant Pot frozen ingredients that are ready to be dropped in to cook. Consider it to be like a temporary camping experience, such as having to wash one’s eating utensils in a makeshift sink if you don’t want to use paper plates. Make plans to not be at home during the day to avoid the noise of construction, or to perk yourself with a hotel stay if you need a break.


With realistic expectations and grace that the building of the project is a temporary phase, you can enjoy the association that the inconveniences along the way will have you enjoy the results  that much more!


Happy Remodeling!


Yes, in joy you shall go forth, in peace you shall be brought home; Mountains and hills shall break out in song before you, all trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

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