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Smart Home Remodeling for a Connected Home

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With more Bluetooth enabled products, smart home remodeling will help take you into the “age of the Jetsen’s” with having a connected home. We can control more home products with electronic devices whether or not we are at home to make life easier and give us peace of mind. For example, we can be alerted to see who is on our property, ringing our doorbell. We can remotely unlock our door, turn on the lights, roll up the shades, and change the thermostat setting. We can operate our appliances that cook and clean. It can enable us to do things like generate a grocery shopping list, launch preferred music set, find a recipe and tell you step by step what to do next. There’s even a device that is motion activated that also can be used for you to be able to talk to and play with your pet (Petcube)! The challenge is knowing what hubs are interacting with what products when making decisions on what appliances or system to purchase. Currently, there are two smart home platforms that have collaborated with appliance manufacturers, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Amazon’s Alexa Personal Assistant via cloud connected Echo or Tap (cordless) with speakers for music, or Dot (smaller hub that isn’t a speaker), or Echo Show (tablet interface)

GE appliances including Monogram, Café, and Profile series has collaborated with Amazon Alexa to provide voice or device command. You can find out when your dishwasher or wash machine cycle will finish, or preheat your oven. All the GE smart appliances are controlled by, Geneva, and you only have to make your request and Alexa will activate the corresponding appliance, e.g. “Alexa, ask Geneva to set the oven timer for 10 minutes.” Amazon Alexa has the most other smart home devices that can pair with it such as motion control lighting, ceiling fans on command, Home8 Smart Garage system, Honeywell and Nest Thermostats, and Scout Home Security to name a few. It also has the capability to be trained to use rules, “if this, then that” for example, If the oven timer or laundry cycle is finished, you can have Alexa send you a text. Or if you activate the garage after 6 PM, turn on the “return home” light program.

Here is the latest list of products that work with Alexa.

Google Home:

Whirlpool will add more than 20 of their brand models, including Jenn-Air to be compatible with Google Home voice command. Consumers will be able to set time and temperature for their range and oven, and ask out how much cooking time is left. They also will be able to check the temperature and filter status of their refrigerator, as well as set its mode status. Their Jenn-Air wall oven can communicate with the Nest thermostat to adjust settings as the oven heats up. Other compatible products include Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat, and Belkin’s light switches and outlets to name a few.

Here is the latest list of products that work with Google Home.

There are two other popular Smart Home Management platforms that do not have major home appliances paired with them, but do offer a lot of smart home options. They both work with Lutron Lighting, Phillips Hue Lighting, Ecobee Thermostats 3 & 4, and various power outlet controls. Here is the detail of product lines that are specific to them.

Apple Home Kit (Siri Voice Activation device anticipated December 2017)

Apple Home Kit is available for use thru iPad and iPhones which takes little effort to pair up with compatible products, but you will need Apple TV connected to your home network to be able to control devices while you are away. Products unique to Apple includes Belkin light switches and outlets, Insteon Hub (lighting and plugs), Hunter Ceiling Fan, Carrier Thermostats, iDevices Thermostat, Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub, First Alert Smoke & CO Alarm, Elgato window and door sensors, Withings Home Plus (security camera), August Smart Lock (, Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, and Honeywell Home Security to name a few.

The latest list of products that work with Apple Home Kit.

Wink Hub 2

These manufacturers work with the Wink platform: Ring Video Doorbell, Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect (smoke and carbon Dioxide detector, Nest Cam (video surveillance) MyQ Garage Door, Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Generation 2. See the video below for an example of how it can be used.

The latest list of products that work with Wink.

When it is time for you to do your home improvement project, do smart home remodeling to take advantage of the smart home integration that is available to help keep your project “current” longer!

Happy Smart Home Remodeling Phoenix!

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