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Four Ways to Make your Home Remodeling Budget Go Further

Most people have good taste, and when it comes to home remodeling, tastes that easily exceed the remodeling budget. People do home remodeling projects to personalize and make it a reflection of their personality and lifestyle. When it feels like home, it is both energizing and relaxing. To make a home “yours”, can it be done on a small remodeling budget? Here are some tips on how to make your home remodeling budget go further.

Hire an experienced, reputable General Contractor. Your time is important, as is your mental health during and after the remodeling project so: hire a licensed General Contractor! Those who have been in business for years have relationships with good subcontractors to get your job done efficiently, with quality and on budget. An experienced design-build firm will have the staff to provide the personal attention to customize your home, will have negotiated discounts so one can get better quality products for less, and will be knowledgeable in their recommendations in helping with selections.

Work within the existing layout. Costs quickly climb if you want to move or add plumbing, or want to eliminate a load bearing wall. Try to keep sinks, bath/shower, toilet in the same location, if possible. Many want to have an open kitchen concept, a larger kitchen, and more storage. Smart redesign of the floor plan, perhaps repurposing an underused space (adjacent dining or oversized living area) to be part of the kitchen and a walk-in pantry can achieve that without having to do an addition. Having a walk-in pantry helps offset the loss of upper cabinets when you eliminate a wall. Have a kitchen island be the place for casual dining and one table for special occasions, rather than having 2 dining tables and an island. If you want the experience of a luxurious spa-like bathroom, and you rarely take a bath, opt for a walk-in shower and eliminate the tub (as long as there is a tub in another bathroom).

Enclose and extend. If your experienced designer has carefully considered your needs and possible redesign of the floor plan and there is not enough space, consider enclosing a portion or all of the patio. If it is not too large, is well insulated, the current air conditioner may be able to handle cooling/heating the additional space.

Avoid the expensive mistakes. There are two other ways a project can really cost a homeowner. One is when emotions override logic in the selections of products. For example, if you never cook for a crowd, you probably don’t need a super sized professional/commercial grade range. The other is when logic overrides emotions—when you don’t include what is important to you in your remodeling project and there is regret, or the remodeling must be done again to add what you wanted in the first place! Good communication with your designer of what are your needs versus wants, and deciding where to allocate the budget that is meaningful to you will help you enjoy your newly remodeled home for many years to come.

Happy home remodeling!

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