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Gain No Pounds for the Holidays!

The United States consumes more sugar than any other country in the world, double the amount we should eat in a day, and consume an average of 152 pounds of sugar per year (up from 60 pounds per year in 2008).  How can this be?  Manufacturers of food products know that sugar is addictive because it multiplies the number of bad bacteria in our gut and they drive cravings, so it is added to almost all processed food. Our gut is the core of our immune system and its no wonder cases of flu, colds, and infections start around Halloween when trickster treats abound—it isn’t the change in weather! What can you do to take better care of you so you feel your best during the holiday season?

First, gain the belief that you will maintain your weight or continue to trim through the holiday season. A good mindset and positive self-talk will help you make good choices. Picture yourself with energy and vitality as who you want to be. You are worth it, and so is investing in your health. Everything you eat is a choice that either builds health or weakens it. Understand that there can be a tendency for “emotional eating.” When one is tired, stressed, anxious, lonely, one can crave sweets because it gives a rush as the body races to get rid of it, but it is followed by a crash. Recognize what your real need is and don’t medicate the need with food. Take a nap, talk to a dear friend, take time to read or pray, or take a nature walk instead.

Secondly, respect the science that tells us what our daily nutritional needs are. Just as we need 8-10 glasses of water every day to function optimally, we need 9-13 cups of fruits and vegetables of all colors every day, and at least 30 different kinds a week because no one food has all we need. We need a daily source of Omegas and need to eat good fats e.g. avocado, nuts & seeds, coconut, olives. We need a fiber-rich diet (animal products do not have any fiber). Experts say 80% of chronic diseases are preventable by a healthy diet. Our bodies adapt, so we can \ lose the sense of what being healthy is like, and we age more rapidly.  Symptoms of deficiency start subtle and will increase over time. If symptoms are ignored, they will reach a crisis point that one may or may not recover from.

Thirdly is a tie: the need for exercise and sleep. Sleep is the only time our bodies will do some restorative and repair work. If you want to give yourself TLC during a hectic time, go to bed one hour earlier. The time one is asleep before midnight will produce better quality sleep during the night and you will wake up more refreshed. Also important for getting into deep sleep is exercise. Be intentional about using your core muscles and increasing your heart rate. Schedule it early in your day. Lack of quality sleep will affect your exercise, and lack of exercise will affect the quality of your sleep (and memory, and mood).

Luckily there are dehydrated plant powders in capsules or chewables, a plant-based multi-Omega supplement, and a plant protein drink mix that is high fiber to make meeting nutritional needs simpler. If you would like to help bridge the gap from how we eat to how we should eat every day, request it here.


Give thanks to the LORD for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 118:1


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