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Kitchen Design For Baby Boomers

Those born between 1945-1964 are known as the Baby Boomers. Though the Millennials (aged 18-34) will overtake the Baby Boomers in numbers of those living, the Baby Boomers compromise the largest segment of the workforce. They are known to give maximum effort in their endeavors, and are results driven. Therefore, they expect more in service. They are loyal to an organization, and retain what they learn. They are more environmentally conscious.

Kitchen Design for Baby Boomersbaby-boomer-kitchen-design will need to consider their desire to stay in their current home. This segment of the population are more aware and open to universal design and aging in place design. They have larger budgets and are interested in luxury features and amenities to enhance their quality of life. The majority does not feel their current kitchen layout meets their lifestyle.

These elements are important to Baby Boomers in kitchen design:

• Understated elegance and high end finishes that offer ease of maintenance and cleaning
• Semi- or completely open floor plan that promote entertaining or family gatherings
• Professional grade appliances indoors and outdoors
• Standard height table connected to or near a custom island that offers ample storage
• Fewer wall cabinets
• Pull out drawers
• Good lighting design
• Use of green remodeling practices

Happy Kitchen Design for Baby Boomers!


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