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Multipurpose Laundry Room Remodeling

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Multipurpose Laundry Room Remodeling

There is a trend to make the kitchen more singular of purpose: for making meals, eating, and enjoying company, and to move all other miscellaneous functions to a multipurpose laundry room. I doubt even an attractive laundry room remodeling project will replace the desire of kids doing homework at the kitchen table while dinner is being prepared, but all things adult are moving their way out, leaving the kitchen with a clear focus, and uncluttered look.

Laundry Room remodeling to make it the new home organization central is growing in popularity. Homeowners are even specifying that the washer and dryer be tucked away behind cabinetry so when other tasks are being done there, you aren’t reminded of the ongoing need for cleaning clothes. Those with larger families or kids in sports may even want two washers to get the laundry done more quickly!


Consider you and your family’s needs when working with your remodeling designer to plan the space. Beyond having a place for drip-drying, folding, and ironing clothes, what kind of additional storage is needed?  A pantry for canned goods? Wine storage? Storage of holiday ware? A place for household cleaning supplies? What about the items stored in the garage you’d rather bring in?  Remember a place to store gift wrapping supplies.

With the ability to stack the washer and dryer to free up space, many homes will get the additional room they need. –A secondary refrigerator in the laundry room is a sign that a kitchen remodeling project is needed for an adequate sized refrigerator! A tankless water heater creates more free space, and if there is a water treatment appliance, perhaps that could be moved to the garage. With the additional space, you may want to plan a home office space, an art studio, or perhaps a place for a treadmill. With so many floor plans having a great room opening to the kitchen, you may even want an intimate and comfortable sitting space to read or even talk on the phone with the door closed to close out noise.

Here is a list of possible functions that could be delegated to the laundry room. There might be a need for an island or a table. Include in the plans the right heights for tasks such as folding clothes.

Specialty Food Prep—Bread Maker, Dehydrator, Ice cream maker, etc.

Craft or sewing projects

Games, puzzle location

Gardening, indoor potting

Computer station, mail sorting and bill paying

Pet washing, grooming, feeding, sleeping

Considering how much time is spent in the laundry room, it is worth making it a beautiful place to be.

Happy Laundry Room Remodeling Phoenix!






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