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Using Pinterest for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Ideas

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Remodeling Ideas

When planning to do a kitchen remodeling project, or a bathroom remodeling project, the first step is to gather photos to help clarify what you want the end result to look like. There are many ways for a kitchen remodeling project to be done, and you want the result to facilitate your lifestyle while giving you the feeling of home. It is great to look at the many ways a finished bathroom remodeling project can look like for ideas as well. Most of all, using photos as remodeling ideas is a great way to communicate with your designer, for a picture says a thousand words.

Pinterest is a social marketing website where people share photos of great finds. When you set up an account, you can save photos you like, and you can even make your boards private so only you see what you have collected. It is better than the old days of having to go thru lots of magazines to find something that may have some elements you like. You can find helpful boards that have many examples to peruse through. It takes a little effort to find a good collection, so we are sharing some great resources to start from. When you select a photo you like, Pinterest will show similar photos, and when you click through, you may find another board to look through. We did include our boards for a top pick because we were careful to select examples without design flaws. If there were some weaknesses, we noted them.


Here are some selections to consider for kitchen remodeling. Are you attracted to traditional, contemporary, or transitional (in-between) style? The main color sources are often the flooring and cabinets, so what color combination do you like?  Dark floor, light cabinets—or the reverse—or a white kitchen? Do you like the current trend of a patterned floor? Open shelving? What style do you like for kitchen cabinets?  What do you want for a backsplash?

And a bonus link for smaller kitchens:



Here are some aspects of bathroom remodeling decisions. Do you want contemporary, rustic country, formal or something in-between? Would you rather have natural elements of wood, stone? What style tub, shower? What do you want for the backsplash, walls?  Do you want the vanity cabinet off the floor? How much natural light do you want? What do you want for lighting? Are there special elements you may want to include such as, greenery, a backlit countertop, a “wet room?” There are definitely ideas of how not to have an average and ordinary bathroom!

and a bonus board for smaller bathrooms!


Happy kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling!



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