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Not Your Typical Vacation!

One area Americans could improve upon is taking a break for a vacation. It can be good for our mental health and going on an adventure can bring lots of positive benefits. Perhaps what is needed are defining what you want to do, and you will then plan to make it happen! Whether you want to see favorite sites, have a cultural or educational vacation, make it volunteer work vacation, or a fitness/nature one, there are many organizations that have put together itineraries to make it easy!

For some it could be a bucket list of where one wants to go or do and you may know what to search for, like pilgrimages to the Holy Land, or best Fourth of July Celebrations. Others want to know what people have voted as most popular.

Having both your room and food all taken care of, no need for navigating unfamiliar places make cruises are popular. Here is a site that has ranked cruises popularity by categories.

Maybe you’d prefer to go local, not so touristy, and rely on the host to suggest best things to do, and go the best bed & breakfast route. Or you’d prefer to go international as a part of an exchange where you live with a host in a country for a week and really immerse yourself in the local culture!


For all types of organized trips based on interest such as birding Beethoven, Film festivals,  photography, safaris….check out:

Perhaps your style is the phenomenal collections at a museum in America!

Do you miss going to a camp, or always wanted to go? There are camps for adults!  I love crafts!

Want to learn how to incorporate more plants in your diet by taking workshops at a culinary school?

Perhaps you want to consider becoming a campus summer citizen in the mountains with classes geared for seniors who love lifelong learning?

What about visiting America’s Most Beautiful Churches for great architecture and art?

Volunteer Vacations

Would you like an organized trip where you can do volunteer work and have fun in places off the beaten path? Check out these two organizations who have been setting up programs for over ten years.   or

This site offers a search engine that one can choose place, time,  level of activity, and type of nature conservatory volunteer vacations.

If you want to be a part of wildlife conservation abroad check out the many options.

Physical Activity Vacations

Want horseback riding and being a cowboy? Here is a resource for the best dude ranch family vacations.

For the adventuresome, there are two all-inclusive guided hiking vacations with food and camp or lodging all taken care of!  or

Or perhaps something less rugged and all -inclusive like a Health and Wellness cruise!

Plan to take trips each year, there are plenty of options for all budgets and preferences. Just define what you want to do, and book it!


And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.”  Revelation 21:5


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