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Bring on the, All is Calm with these tips

The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are fewer than usual this year, and too high of expectations can distract from the reason for the season. Give yourself grace to simplify your plans. People want the gift of YOU, and you want to be present to them, rather than distracted with thoughts of what you still need to do dancing in your head. Here are some tips for staying in peace.

  • Prioritize tasks and stay organized with a checklist. Santa relied on one! The expectation should be that you will do your best, and you can be more efficient knowing what to do next. With each item done, tell yourself, Good job! And acknowledge what you have accomplished.
  • Delegate what you can by enlisting or asking for help. Give them permission to do their best, and let it go. Consider that it may be easier to see loved ones by hosting or offering to organize a potluck.
  • Avoid overcommitment. There are lots of events to go to, consider your calendar and be selective as to which you will attend. If you are adding to your schedule, perhaps you can be intentional about making a trade like doing less screen time.
  • Don’t sacrifice exercise or sleep thinking you will get more done. Exercise is a great way to release stress. It can be as easily done at home by dancing to music or watching an exercise video. Shorting sleep effects a person’s thinking process and mood the next day. It is actually better to go to sleep earlier to get in the 7-8 hours of sleep, than it is to go to sleep later. The hours of sleep before midnight provide more quality.
  • Avoid overeating and skip snacking on sugar laden treats and instead practice good self-care by eating lots of whole fruits and vegetables. You want to avoid getting sick, and food is our fuel!
  • Have quiet time to read, pray, reflect, journal. We need to take pause, to gather in our hearts what we are thankful for. It is a way to connect to our purpose and energize our spirit. Take a break outdoors during the day to get some sunshine. Go for a walk, even If it is a short one. It is a great way to reset.
  • Remember that the Christmas season continues all the way to Epiphany (January 6th) when the Wise Men arrived at Bethlehem to pay homage to the newborn King. Perhaps you can move some traditions to after Christmas day, including sending out cards.

May you have the best Christmas season giving love and enjoying the love of family and friends.


All kings shall pay Him homage, all nations shall serve Him. Psalm 72:11


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