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It’s the Time of Year for Joy!

What makes for a great gift? Something the person wants, needs, would enjoy and use often. It is even more fun if it is better than they even imagined! Recently 4000 homeowners who had completed a home remodeling project within the year were asked how much increased happiness they felt as a result of their home’s transformation. The surveyors found that on the scale of 1 to 10 of the top twenty home remodeling projects, many were close to a perfect 10!

The top results the owners sought for their home remodeling projects were:

  • To have better functionality and livability in their home
  • To effect durable and long-lasting results with the use of quality materials and appliances
  • To design for more beauty and aesthetics
  • To add more of their personality and style to their home

And what home remodeling projects had some of the highest Joy Scores?

New bathroom addition had a perfect Joy Score of 10. The majority said it made their home more livable. The addition made it possible to add desired features.

Complete kitchen remodel had a Joy score of 9.8. Homeowners wanted to upgrade the materials, update the look, and modernize the function. As a result, 93% reported that they felt a major sense of accomplishment and increased feelings of enjoyment by having their kitchen redone.

New Master Suite had a Joy Score of 9.7. Homeowners wanted their bedroom to be more functional and reported it was time for a change. Having a master suite that was a reflection of them gave them a greater sense of enjoyment and desire to be home.

Is it time to say, Honey, let’s give each other the gift of a home remodel! Bring on the joy!

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