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Six Ways to Save Money and the Planet When Home Remodeling

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Updating the home with by doing smart home remodeling can often create great savings on the utility bills. Using less energy is good for the planet too! As we tend to add more gadgets in our daily lives, we consume more power. Water is becoming more precious, and can even become scarce. We all need to be as efficient as we can with our resources.


What are the top things a homeowner should consider when remodeling their home?


  1. Get an energy audit to find any “gaps” of missing insulation where conditioned air is escaping or the outside air is getting in. Cellulous attic insulation will settle over time and more may need to be blown in. Proper equipment can easily detect problems as major as a wall missing insulation, or as minor as caulking needing to be done around outlets, or vents. They can also check the duct system if it runs through the attic, to make sure they are fully wrapped and sealed.
  2. ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS. At a minimum, windows should be double glazed panes with low-e treatment. You may want to consider the addition of solar tube for natural, indirect light.
  3. WATERSENSE CERTIFIED FAUCETS AND TOILETS. Having a low flow showerhead, faucets, and low gallon flush toilet can save hundreds of gallons of water a month for a typical family.
  4. PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT. Smart thermostats can now even learn your temperature preferences, be modified via an app on the phone, and even have satellite thermostats that you can keep with you in the room that you are occupying. For example, if your bedroom is the hottest room of the house because it is on the west side and heat radiates during the night, or is above a garage, and you have a moveable thermostat station, it can keep you in a consistent comfortable temperature through the night.
  5. ENERGY STAR EFFICIENT APPLIANCES. Recently the standards for receiving the energy star efficient rating were raised. Technology evolves and improves and very year there are a list of the most efficient appliances ratings that you may want to consider or compare your selections with. Make sure when you update your refrigerator, that you get one large enough to only need one, and get rid of the old!
  6. SOLAR WATER HEATER. Harness the heat the sun generates by having panels heat your water. If you have a system, check that the pipes are retaining their insulation. Wrap your hot water heater with an insulation blanket.


And here is a bonus money saving tip! Check out the website of your local utility company to see if they are offering rebates for energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors. With rebates, your upgrades will more quickly pay for themselves!  Cook Remodeling can help with your home improvement phoenix az.


Happy home remodeling!energy audit

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