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Earth Day 2021: More People Are Growing Locally!

Last April, “Victory Garden” was the top search term as people wanted to have greater food security along with the health and savings of growing one’s own organic produce. There was such a jump in popularity that supplies and seeds sold out and were on backorder for months. This year with the anticipated increase in fuel costs which will impact food prices and with the memory of last year’s bare shelves, the 2021 Garden Trends Report by Garden Media has found 16 million more people have started to garden. Along with an influx of former gardeners starting up again, that makes 67% of adults growing their own edible plants.

The survey found there is a trend of demand for the fastest growing varieties needing less work for a quick reward. There was more interest in growing and experiencing nature indoors to add new life and oxygen inside the home. The experience of the miracle of life that comes from a seed with added water and light lifts mood and lowers stress. It is a great way to break from looking at our digital devices to the care and harvesting of living plants. Here are some other rewards that gardeners enjoy:

  • The personal time to slow down and get into nature.
  • Improvement in physical and mental health, and it is a hobby people keep throughout their lifetime.
  • Spending more time outdoors where air is healthier and exposing skin to sunlight increases Vitamin D production which is good for the immune system.
  • More nutritious eating, eating a wider variety of produce not found in stores.
  • Seeing children who participate in gardening will eat more vegetables, be outside more, feel a sense of accomplishment, foster relationships between generations, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and bounty.
  • An increase in the virtues of patience, perseverance, reliability, humility, and compassion.
  • Building a sense of community within families, neighbors, other gardeners as one shares tips and asks questions.
  • Feeding the bees and the birds, and being a good steward by using water for edible plants (rather than just for an ornamental lawn).
  • Having better flavor and sweetness of each plant and having fresh herbs contribute to that gourmet touch.
  • Cutting down on the need to get and buy groceries as often with having an abundance of freshness to choose from steps from the kitchen.
  • Feeling happier with growing flowers.

The University of Mississippi agricultural department compared produce grown in the soil, to produce grown in a vertical aeroponic system and they found the aeroponic system developed on a NASA grant needed 98% less water, used 90% less space, averaged 30% more yield (as high as 65%), and grew three times faster with less effort (no weeding needed). Only needing a fraction of the amount of water is becoming more important during droughts. Many people are concerned about the warning of the looming water shortage this year from the Colorado river which the southwest depends on for a source of water. Considering the trending demand for quicker growth and more to harvest (with less effort or experience), and the less need for water its no wonder it is called the gardening of the future.

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