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Eight Tips to Deflect Stress Like a Champ!

In an ideal world we would be exposed to more information on how healthy people avoid sickness and chronic disease rather than what pharmaceutical companies are trying to sell to mask symptoms. Health isn’t created by drugs or a shot, but by a healthy diet and lifestyle. People have shown us it is possible to have such a strong immune system that invaders we breath in every day like a virus or bacteria will not get the upper hand. A factor that weakens our immune system is stress. There are many things that are stressors in life that we cannot control but having good self-care to minimize stress is something we can control. Here are some effective strategies.

  1. Eat Healthy This is so important that researchers have said 75-80% of all chronic diseases could be avoided with proper nutrition. Avoid processed food and eat organic. We need 9-13 cups of fruits and vegetables of all colors every day. Unfortunately, that is tough to do and many think vitamins will make up for what is missing when they do not and can be harmful over time. Learn how you can add a strategic blend of plant powders to bridge the gap (that children can get free with an adult order!*)
  2. Get 7-8+ hours of Sleep There are restorative and repair activities that only occur when we are in deep sleep. Have a daily routine of trying to finish eating by 7pm (insulin in the blood prevents the release of nightly human growth hormone which helps us stay younger!). Get in the habit of turning off electronics by 9PM (the glow from digital devices interferes with the release of melatonin for sleep). Spend time reading or journaling. Make sure your bedroom is not furnished with a desk, exercise equipment or TV, but furnished for sleep or sitting to relax.
  3. Move and deep breathe Stress can activate fight or flight…it can be helpful to do a pattern interrupt, like a high knee march, deep breathing, and positive reassuring self-talk that you can handle it. For the everyday challenges in our day, talking a walk or other favorite exercise is a great way to discharge tension in the body.
  4. Stay Hydrated We are continually exposed to toxins, especially with indoor air and drinking lots of water will help flush them out. The easiest way to gauge whether or not you are drinking enough water is your urine should be pale to clear. Nothing substitutes for water, including tea.
  5. Get Sunshine, get Outdoors Fifteen to twenty minutes a day of exposed skin to the sun helps the body to produce and store Vitamin D. Be intentional about enjoying nature with the senses. It helps remind us there is a bigger world that maintains its rhythm and beauty as it has for centuries despite human drama. 
  6. Have a screen-free hobby It is good for our brain to have a creative outlet to get into and enjoy self-expression. Take classes to improve and challenge yourself in the skill. It can be dance, art, cooking, photography, writing, making things…
  7. Spend time with friends and family Relationships with others is the mirror that helps us discover and define who we are. Choose friends wisely for they say we become like those we are with. Take turns being a host of creating a special evening of sharing a meal and activity like a game night, Bible study, a movie with a discussion and the like. You may want to consider a pet!, They can lower stress too.
  8. Take a vacation Americans tend to skip taking a break from obligations. A vacation can be so rejuvenating! Determine what is your ideal, e.g. a cabin in the mountains, an Airbnb or Bed and Breakfast by the beach or to a particular destination like a national park, festival or retreat center. Make a plan of when and where and book it or time will slip away. Keep your itinerary light so you return rested.  If it is difficult to get away, plan one longer stretch of a vacation, and other short get a ways throughout the year to slow down and unwind.

Our health is precious and is something we need to take care of every day. Our health is precious and is something we need to take care of every day. Shorting yourself of any of these is a stress!  Set a goal to gain the daily habit of the first five which are listed in importance. That can be easier with a support group that focuses on these. Shorting yourself of any of these is a stress! If you find self-care difficult, your work and personal life may be out of balance. You may need to realign your work to your passion, delegate, and/or say no to extra responsibilities.


My soul, be at rest in God alone, from whom comes my hope. Psalms 62:6

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