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The Top Five Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

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According to a 2016 Houzz survey, almost half of homeowners are highly motivated to do a kitchen remodeling project for a new kitchen. We spend an average of three hours a day there, so a kitchen remodeling project done well can create what is becoming “the new living room.”

What are the 2016 trends you may want to include in your kitchen remodeling update?

Have an integrated kitchen. Homeowners want a kitchen open up to adjacent room(s). The most popular kitchen layouts to facilitate this are the L shaped kitchen or the U shaped kitchen. Hide appliances with cabinet panel inserts when possible for a continual visual line. Eliminate having a full set of upper cabinets on at least one wall to make it seem larger, perhaps with an open shelf. Store plates in a deep drawer with adjustable dividers (pegs). A walk in pantry and a kitchen island can replace the storage lost by eliminating a row of upper cabinets. If there isn’t space for a pantry, have floor to ceiling cabinetry for additional storage.

Updating the Style. Fewer kitchen remodeling projects are of a traditional style, and more are transitional, and even contemporary or modern. Take some time to gather photos from online resources to show your kitchen remodeling project designer how you want your kitchen to look. What will seem and feel like a kitchen you want to live in? And what reflects you and how you will use the room is what matters, not what is trending. How would it best serve you? How would it look to energize and inspire creativity? To facilitate socializing and entertainment? You can search Houzz to look at photos of the different styles.

Dual Color and Material Mix. Homeowners are using semi-custom cabinets with two different colors of paint and/or stained wood in their kitchen. It seems what is “in style” is either a light color look, or a dark color look, and you can include both. Maybe you love white cabinets, and the look of wood grain and you want both. You can use one color for the upper cabinets, and another for the lower. You can create a focal point by using a different color for the cabinets on either side. A popular focal point is the cooktop with a metal hood. You can make the focal point an open shelf with an arch, and glass door upper cabinets on either side to display beautiful pieces. You could use one color for the wall cabinets, and another for the kitchen island. The same goes for the choice of countertop materials. Some have their favorite surface material on the island, and a matching one on the rest of the counters. You may use different materials for different zones of use, e.g. food prep, clean up, etc.

Include Niche Appliances. Take advantage of the kitchen remodeling project by including appliances to facilitate your lifestyle. Do you love to cook for a crowd? What about a warming drawer? Do you love to eat healthier? Include a steam oven. Do you want to cook faster? What about a speed wall oven and an induction cooktop. Perhaps you would like a wine refrigerator. Do you want to be able to watch TV while you cook? Consider the placement of a TV.

Connect to the Outdoors. Many kitchen remodeling projects are using the “L shape” layout to open the kitchen to the home, and to the outdoors. Moveable glass walls can take away the barrier and expand the kitchen into either an outdoor room, an outdoor kitchen, wet bar, outdoor dining area, or any combination of uses.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling Scottsdale!

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