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Color Psychology: Why it Should Influence The Color Scheme Brought Into Your Home

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Are you trying to freshen up your home, but have hit a bit of a roadblock? Interior design doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and it can easily become overwhelming. You mull over an endless number of paint swatches and your walls are spotted from testing different shades, but you still can’t come to a conclusion on a color scheme. The first step is to hit the world wide web or magazines to gain some inspiration. Check out our recent article on how to scour apps, like Pinterest, to find the color scheme and style ideas that fit your interior design taste, predominantly in the kitchen or bathroom.

The next step to make this daunting task a little easier is to do research for insight into color itself. Colors play a huge role in influencing our emotions, as well as the mood of a room. This is known as color psychology. Below we have listed rooms and the best colors to create the perfect atmosphere in each space of your home.

Living Room
The living room is a space often used to enjoy quality time with loved ones, or to lounge on a day off while binge-watching your favorite show. Create a serene, vibrant, and fresh atmosphere in your living space with hues of green. Green symbolizes vitality and safety and has a calming effect on the eyes. This makes green the perfect combination of vibrant and calm to match the multitude of energies often evoked in a family room. Tie in lighter hues like mint for a modern bright style. Pair it with teal or coral home decor accents like rugs, curtains, or vases, against white furnishings for a fresh and vibrant color scheme. Or, make your living space feel fresh and calming with hues found in nature, like forest or emerald. Paint a forest green accent wall, and decorate with leafy ferns or a snake plant. Both bring a calming energy into your space and have the added benefit of purifying the air in your home. Get some landscape prints to further the natural atmosphere, and you’ll have the perfect soothing space to relax and unwind.

Brown color scheme

Dining Room
A dining room should be a warm and inviting space to entertain or have a meal with family. Shades of brown are the perfect compliment to a dining space and evoke a sense of unity, balance, and trust. Shades of brown can be a little underwhelming when used as paint colors, so tie brown in with your home furnishings. Check out sites like Arhaus, for a large reclaimed wood table fit for a big spread. Or, shop around to find a darkly stained armoire statement piece. This will bring hues of brown into your space without creating an empty and bland design. Add in pops of color through decor pieces like table settings, or a vase centerpiece to balance out the earth-toned hues. Green pairs great with dark shades of brown, and when styled against stark white walls you can create a warm farmhouse style.

Red color scheme

The kitchen is an energetic space that should have a color scheme to match. Red is a powerful, passionate, warm color that is perfect for the kitchen. Red can even be used to create a nostalgic vintage atmosphere. Tie in pure reds into bold appliances (i.e. stoves, microwaves, refrigerators), or unique pendant lights over a spacious island. Darker hues are perfect for a richer, more sophisticated style. They pair great with dark stained cabinets to create a warm atmosphere to entertain guests. Red also symbolizes friendship, so tying it into the central part of the home can create an inviting gathering space for both family and friends.

Blue color scheme

A bedroom should be a retreat to escape the days’ stresses and get a restful nights sleep. Research shows that bringing blue into your bedroom can actually help improve sleep because of its calming and tranquil effects on the eyes, which relays to your brain, causing your heart rate to lower leading to a solid night’s sleep. Bring hues of blue into your space with a denim colored accent wall, while paired with darkly stained furnishings and bright white bedding. Tie in brushed gold decor accents for a modern retreat. Or tie in lighter hues for a luxurious and peaceful feel with white furnishings and a small chandelier for an added elegant accent. Blue also inspires creativity, making the perfect hue to surround you while you curl up with your favorite book.

Black color scheme

At home, spas are a current trend that can be easily created by introducing a darker color. Shades of black make for the perfect accents to a bathroom in order to create a clean modern style. Black brings out sophistication, elegance, and mystery. Paint a pure black accent wall to act as the perfect backdrop for a clawfoot tub, and add vintage-inspired tile floors with hints of black. Consider tying in other shades like silver or concrete into the vanity, and use modern industrial lighting for an urban-inspired design. Bring in fresh greenery, and pops of colors through bathroom decor, like towels, to balance the dark tones. This color is often not well utilized in the design, but don’t shy away from a few hints to make a bold statement in your bathroom space.

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