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Know When it is Best to Hire a Home Remodeling Pro

Home Remodeling involves dust, noise, disruption, and if not done by a person with knowledgeable experience, it can bring unnecessary chaos and stress! There was a cartoon of a man who did not make it to heaven, and was standing looking at two separate descending staircases each with their own doorways and a sign over each choice.  One said, “Hell”, and the other said, “Living At Your Home While It Is Being Remodeled” and a devil with a pitchfork says, “Pretty much a toss up, isn’t it?

You really do want those with experience, talent, and ability to work on the project full time on any home remodeling project from start to finish to quickly and efficiently restore the house to full livability and enjoyment. You want the home remodeling project done right, the first time, so it doesn’t end up costing more than if you had hired a professional from the beginning. You also want it built to code for your own safety, and obtain permits when required, or you may have difficulty being able to sell your house. If there was a fire or a leak, and an insurance adjuster determines there was a project done to the home not to building code, they could deny paying the claim.

We have been called in by wives ready to leave their husbands because their house had been torn up for months.  We’ve been called after the husband or wife got injured trying to do something they did not do day in and day out. We have also had to go in and tear out walls and make the house compliant to building code so it could pass inspections and get approved because an amateur did not know what to do.

The home network channel brings lots of do-it-yourselfers tackling home remodeling projects. With the program edited to 30 or 60 minutes, it can make home remodeling seem quick and easy. What are some considerations?

  • Do not rely on home improvement and hardware stores to be able to adequately train or advise you how to do something when they haven’t seen the site’s condition, nor do they know your skill set. They may not even be knowledgeable on building codes.
  • Do you have the skills, training, tools and time to devote to the project? Are you so experienced that you do not need supervision?
  • Do you know enough about building codes and all the house systems (electrical, water, waste, etc.) that you will recognize a problem when you open up the walls? Oftentimes we are surprised at what we have found!
  • Can you efficiently gather needed supplies to get the job done?
  • Do you know safe practices for different construction phases or activities?
  • Is your house old enough that asbestos or lead paint is in your home? (They require special procedures.)
  • Do you have the physical condition and stamina, the patience and persistence, and the wisdom and humility to admit if you need help?
  • Do you have the connections to hire licensed electricians, plumbers, etc. as needed?
  • Can you afford needing it being re-done?

It may be best to entrust your home remodeling project to the pros, and Cook is one of the best general contractors phoenix az so you can more quickly enjoy your, “like new” home!

Happy Home Remodeling!




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