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Learn to Decorate by Mixing Vintage and Modern Decor

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When it’s time for kitchen remodeling, a contemporary mix of traditional and transitional to modern design is trending. Having a more modern look of simplicity and clean lines for the kitchen is becoming popular. More homeowners have a goal of creating an open kitchen concept, so letting your home’s décor mix and mingle styles in the adjacent rooms creates a wonderful, warm ambience when blending the old with the new. It’s best to create a harmonious relationship between all design elements to unify a modern and vintage decor.

One way to mix the old with the new is having furnishings from different eras share the same space. As long as the design elements are relationally harmonious and share something in common such their colors, you can create a style that reflects your personality.

Do you want to know something really exciting? Opposites definitely attract when bringing together vintage and modern furnishings and designs. It can create interest, an intimate coziness, and a good flow from room to room.

How to Decorate When Mixing Vintage and Modern Decor

As you are about to learn, there are certain rules to follow when mixing modern and vintage interior design and furnishings. There’s so many interesting things that you can do.

As an example, when doing a kitchen remodeling project, you can add modern kitchen faucets in conjunction with retro kitchen cabinets, a vintage wall clock, with a washed out brick backsplash. The plethora of options will seem endless. Gather photos from sites such as Pinterest to define your look.

In an effort to help you create a beautiful home with pieces that share a harmonious relationship and cohesive elements, we’ve put together some suggestions that will make decorating this way easy to accomplish. Keep in mind the concepts of focal point, purpose, and balance.

  • Consider re-upholstering some furniture with modern, geometric, and bold patterned fabric along with pieces of furniture that have neutral hues accessorized with pillows of the same bold pattern.  Paint the lamps to accent the colors of the furniture to tie it all together.
  • Use unifying elements – by mixing new and vintage items that contain similar color schemes, it will make visual sense.  This way everything will match and your home will look absolutely fabulous.
  • Repurpose vintage items –you may find incredible treasures that have been discarded. Feel free to repurpose vintage items and turn them into modern decor. As an example, you may come across an old suitcase somewhere in your travels. It can be turned into a chic coffee table. The possibilities are endless.

Decorating by mixing modern and vintage décor is easier than you think. Consider these suggestions when it’s time to for your house make over.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling!



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