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Vacations off the Beaten Path

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Do you find yourself stumbling along or stuck in a rut? Your creativity is stale? Or you go to bed and can’t turn off your mind? It may be time for an overdue vacation! People have cabin fever and want to get out! Designing a memorable vacation for you doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, but can create priceless memories for you and your family.

The typical options for travel are not as they used to be. Airlines have less leg room and planes, busses, and trains (except in private room) still require masks at this time. Most cruise lines except MSC are requiring guests to have gotten the experimental covid shot, unless you depart from Florida or Texas which protects personal health choices. Rental cars are more expensive. Ride Share Drivers aren’t as available. Even with higher gas prices, more people are opting for road trips, and many are seeking to enjoy a favorite pastime of camping. We are blessed in the United States to have more National Parks preserving nature and history for future generations than any other country. However, since camping is so popular, you may find it difficult to get a reservation. Perhaps you not the type to “rough it” or want to be responsible for all the planning the meals, etc. Here are some other options.

All Inclusive Resort. From rustic to upscale, dude ranch to romantic, decide what would be your ideal vacation and look for it. Do you want ocean/lake, mountains? The activities of hiking, horseback riding, kayaking? Are you a foodie? Places like Blackberry Farm in Tennessee serves from their farm to table. You could go for a Victorian feel at Mackinac Island, Michigan (where, Somewhere in Time was filmed) or Caribbean experience at Club Med in Florida.

Adventure Vacation Have you gone on a River Raft vacation? Perhaps you’d like a backcountry tour.

Wellness Spa & Resort  Perhaps the best time spent would be taking care of you. Amenities such as a focus on detoxing weight loss, better self-care, nutrition, with therapies such as massages, wraps, colonics, infrared saunas, mineral baths….

Glamping  Glamping, or upscale camping, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many resorts offer luxurious cabins, Yurts, tree houses, tee pees or permanent tents with more of the comforts of home in nature.

Home Exchange  If you prefer all the comforts of home, consider doing a home swap. There are programs where people will be your host to guide you to get the best out of the local experience. Others are direct swap of homes. There is also the swap of second homes, so you don’t always have to go to your same getaway, and you can use the time it is empty to earn keys to be eligible for more inventory.

Summer escape Prefer a longer stay with activities planned for you?  Utah State University nestled up in the mountains has been courting seniors for a 9 week summer session for over 45 years. They offer classes, socials, entertainment.

Mystery Vacations  You can be totally daring and let someone else plan your surprise destination, or you can peruse cheap flight offerings (2-10 month advance notice) to famous or exotic places in the world (they get you there, the rest is up to you). If you want a full package deal check out Travel Zoo.

Of course, you can always plan your own excursion.  Plan a pilgrimage, find a favorite food- music- or arts festival, attend a bucket list event (e.g. Kentucky Derby, gymnastic competition, sand sculpture contest…), or even an experience the country train ride. Stay at top rated Air BnB. Research a state you’d like to visit and make plans to visit their highlights.  The good news is many travel venues are offering flexibility in changes or cancellation. Make sure you check out their policy and travel requirements.


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