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What Men Want for their Bathroom and Outdoor Kitchen

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June is a time to celebrate Dads. Not much has been written about what a man wants for their bathroom remodeling project. It is his space too and there are personal wants for his daily experience he may not have mentioned. Men often volunteer to cook outdoors at a grill and make do. Why not make it the outdoor kitchen remodeling project to facilitate and elevate that experience too? We shall explore ideas for both.

What do men want in their Master Bathroom?

  • A spacious shower. If a tub limits the space, he would rather delete it to make the room seem large and uncluttered. Some may want a steam shower, or to include a rain head.
  • A skylight for lots of light and privacy, as well as fresh air. There is a skylight unit that has built in blind within the glass that opens and closes as desired along with the window using solar power. It is a way to connect with being in nature.
  • His own separate sink station. A vanity with 2 sinks and shared counters is not the ideal. It does not clearly define what is his space, and he may be more neat or messy than his wife. Having his own separate sink, medicine cabinet, cabinetry and drawers so he can be as he wants may keep things more peaceful and relaxed.
  • Having a semi-private space for the toilet that offers ease of use like a pony wall separation, so one can just walk in and not have to hassle with a door.
  • A solar tube with a solar night light for more natural light during the day that gives a glow at night to facilitate nocturnal visits.
  • Radiant Heated Floors. It is less shocking both during the night or first thing in the morning to walk on warm floors rather than cold ones!
  • A television.


What do men want for an Outdoor Kitchen?

  • A ramada to set up his own outdoor kitchen separate from the house.
  • A plumbed sink for easy prep and clean-up.
  • Besides the grill perhaps specialty cooking appliances (burners, pizza oven, griddle..) along with a warming drawer.
  • A refrigerator, a built-in cold storage bin for beverages, electrical outlets for portable appliances (ice maker, blender…).
  • Storage, including trash and recycling bins, drawers for cooking utensils and platters.
  • Ample lighting, including lights on a string, and a ceiling fan.
  • Bar top seating and plenty of counter space
  • A fire pit
  • Music speakers
  • A television


Happy Bathroom Remodeling for Dads!

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